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Keeping secrets in marriage/relationship

Hey readers,

I am back with another tale about relationships and stumbling block.
“Sometimes we keep secrets in our relationship, because we don’t want to hurt our partner, But what should we do when he/she get to know about that and feel cheated and hurt because we kept secret from them????????”

plenty of questions started floating in my mind after this , and i want to discuss here about some of them.

  1. How should we Justify our action?
  2. How he/she should react?
  3. Is it justified to keep a secrets for the sake of being in good books and pretending/faking in relations??
  4. After all these issues, how to save your relationship or how to restore faith of your partner in you and relationship?


Story started in 2012, when they got married. Maya was simple, sweet , kind and innocent girl, she was full of life, full of love, adventurous. She loves to make friends.
On the other hand Aryan was little different from her, introvert, focused and mature.
For one year everything was going smooth. They were happy and so much in love with each other. But in 2013,as Maya was working in Government sector, She got transferred to another city, and their marriage became long distance marriage, unfortunately.
They used to meet on weekends in starting , but weekends changed into month ends after sometime because of busy work schedules.
Turning point in their marriage came when Maya started feeling alone and depressed because of distance between them and work pressure. Then slowly she started feeling weak and sad.
Days were passing like years for her, then one beautiful morning hapiness knocked at her office door in form of a guy with pleasant smile named Samarth , they had a small conversation about work and she felt good while talking to him.
The guy was fun loving and Maya met him few more times again because of some official meetings and discussions, soon they became friends and Maya started sharing things about her personal life with him.
They started hanging out together, Samarth introduced Maya in his friend circle in which there were 2 boys and three girls . So , Maya started feeling alive and happy again after a long time.
She told her husband (Aryan)about Samarth , how he is and how he helped her in difficult times. But as i told you, Aryan was little introvert, he asked Maya to stay away from samarth and his friends because Aryan was too possessive about Maya , might be because of distance between them.
But Maya didn’t take it seriously and continued her friendship with Samarth and friends without telling Aryan. They watched movies together, celebrated birthday’s and new year , clicked pictures together while having fun and as Maya was too kind and pure soul, or you can say carefree that she never thought about the consequences of her actions. Samarth asked her to delete pictures from her phone because somewhere he understood the possessiveness of Aryan towards Maya and didn’t want to create any trouble in their marriage but she didn’t listen to him too.

In June 2014, Maya got transferred back to the city where Aryan was settled and Samarth was just once in a month calling friend.

Now we are in July’2019, and Maya and Aryan are living their married life happily. Samarth too got married in November 2014 and he is also living his life with family.
At one unfortunate night, Maya asked Aryan to transfer her Phone’s data to hard disk as she gonna buy new phone next day.

This incident or moment became a nightmare in their life, when while transferring the pictures to hard disk Aryan found few pictures of Maya and Samarth together and with group and he started crying and yelling and shouting on Maya, that she cheated on him.
Now , after all this you guys please decide :- who is wrong and who is right?

Some pictures Aryan found were not got right in his head, as Maya and Samarth traveled together at few events due to office work and twice to meet Maya’s childhood friend who used to live 50 kms. away from the city Maya was posted from but as Maya explained the events were purely justified as per her perception… She explained Aryan that i hide all this from you because i didn’t want you to feel bad that being a husband you are unable to help me in difficult situations and also i had no one to help me in some crucial situations.

After this story, what conclusion you will find out is purely depends on your point of view.

As i interpreted all this in my head, i have two perspectives :-

Aryan’s Perspective:- He is feeling betrayed and cheated despite his best efforts of keeping Maya happy, and his male ego is hurt too. He is thinking that what actually was going on between Maya and Samarth was merely friendship or beyond that?…No doubt he loves Maya but he is hurt and can’t express his feeling to anyone.

Maya’s Perspective:- She was depressed and alone in new city , She got a friend , but when her husband ask her not to be friend with anyone, she hide the truth from him just for the sake of happiness and not to hurt Aryan by telling him. At that point there were two choices she was left with , one was her own happiness by hiding the truth and second was not be friend with samarth for Aryan’s happiness by dwelling into loneliness and depression.

So basically, in life we have to take tough decisions sometimes to keep our relationships going. Girls have to give up on their dreams , and compromise with their desires and wishes to keep their partner happy.

At some extent compromises and adjustments, secrets are OK, but at times you have to pay a heavy price in form of regret and sufferings.

Think twice before you decide to keep a secret.

Please share your views in comments that what further steps can Maya and Aryan take in their Marriage to live a happy life together??

Share your view about , if Maya was wrong or Aryan is behaving indifferent??


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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

8 replies

  1. maya was right i must say .
    bcoz she gonna colapse if she didn’t join samarth company. usne cheat nahi at the end its all matters .. i know male ego very well.. so its takes time to heal.. but she is right

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Communication trust and faith and loyalty are important pillars of any relationship! maya should have been frank and aryan understanding enough to trust her…..
    Maybe she introduced him to her husband at first
    Also a gentleman always makes time for his family…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. She’s just hanging around with her new friends.
    She’s not her husband toy that listen & do all things.
    Every girl should get their happiness.
    Aryan just over thinked & fucked up their relation.

    Liked by 1 person

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