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Hey beautiful souls,

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

This time i don’t have any anecdote to share , but am with this truth to share or you can say i urge you to hear screams of your own soul, which desires for your love and care.

People keep on searching for love their whole life, but they forget about the most deserving person for their love. i.e. themselves

Be thankful for whatever you have, count your blessings and your sorrows will be insignificant automatically.


A small town ambitious, hard working, studious and shy girl, in her early 20’s, entered the corporate world, she totally was unaware about the so called “hifi” drama of mirage.

She was the youngest yet weirdest in the crowd of the heartthrobs and swaggers.

In the era of shorts, jeans and skirts , she used to enter in the office with ethnic salwar kameez with dupatta and a wide confidient smile on her face.

She tried to fit in the group of so called babes, dudes and guys , but they behaved like inhuman towards , and used to troll her over her uneven or not in shape eyebrows, her dressing sense, her spoken English blunders and over pronunciation of some words. But she never lost confidence and hope because she always knew her worth.

She was aware about the fact that she got this job on the basis of subject knowledge and zeal of learning. Those slangs, girl gangs, bro. code etc. are zilch in front of her knowledge and hard work.

As they used to work in the teams , she got attracted towards a boy from her team and she confidently expressed her feelings in front of everyone in the group, and that boy made fun of her feelings and appearance, though she was heartbroken and shattered, never she thought about quitting the job or her life as many youngsters are doing these days. Her parents taught her to love herself in way , she wanted to be loved by others.

Most of her team mates were post graduate and more than that in fact , she was the only one who got job just after completing her graduation, she worked really hard to grow further, always followed rules and work ethics of organisation , obeyed and followed her superiors sincerely. After office hours she used to read books, listen podcasts, trying speaking in front of the mirror to groom herself in a manner, society wanted.

she worked on her personality, her dressing sense, her looks, her spoken English but never changed her attitude from positive to negative.

While working there, she completed her post graduation and soon she got promotion after promotion in result oh her self love and hard work .

Presently, she is leading the same team ,she used to work with . Today, the boy who rejected and made fun of her feelings , just crave for a single glimpse of her’s and address her as Ma’m . All other friends of the boys too , who used to call her “Small Town chick” obey her orders… And most importantly she forgave all of them just with the same wide and confident smile on her face.

Its my humble request to everyone and specially to youngsters as they are the future of our country and other countries too, please start loving yourself first. If you don’t find yourself lovable , how can you expect others to love you.

Keep reminding yourself that you are here for a reason, With unique perspective God sent you here . You are special in your own kind. Trust yourself, follow your heart. Take care of the person who is inside you and need more attention than others.

  • To keep your body healthy , workout daily…
  • To keep your brain healthy, read positive & Motivational thoughts and stories.
  • To keep your relationships healthy-share and express more and expect less.
  • Count your blessings and smile, don’t cry over bad things again and again.

Everyday try to love and embrace yourself and leave the rest.

Thanks for your love.

Keep sharing your thoughts in comments section.

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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

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  1. Yeah… Really superb….
    Thanx to show me the bright path….
    Sometime a person goes on wrong track but there are some people who deviate their path….. U r the one…. NYC….
    Really superb….

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