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My love was unconditional ( who is victim???)

What is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love is not so much about how we receive and endure each other, as it is about the deep vow to never, under any condition, stop bringing the flawed truth of who we are to each other. – Mark Nepo

If I had written this story on the paper, then it would be drenched with my tears.

real not reel:-

February 2018:– One beautiful evening of winter, clouds were in sky and birds were flying back to there nests, i went to the park with my son to play with him,and I have noticed a girl sitting there and crying insanely. Park was in the same society where I lived. I sat down closer to her and I saw her face, she was so beautiful and innocent that I saw her and hug her. Then I wiped her tears, and ask her the reason behind her tears. I remembered that I have seen her many times before in the society. She used to play with kids 4 to 5 yrs of age in park, though she was 17 years old.

I invited her at my place and offered tea to her, then she started telling about herself, and i was listening everything with tears in my eyes, but she was calm and composed now.

Her Truth:-

She narrated her story since her birth, how after her birth her parents got divorced because her father was drunkard and her mother wants him to quit that habit. After parent’s divorce she and her brother were in her father’s custody as their mother was not financially stable. Her father left the world when she was 7 yrs and her brother was 12. Soon after the father’s death their mother moved to US with her live in partner, and she left both kids alone with their grandfather.

Why is there ever this perverse cruelty in humankind, that makes us hurt most those we love best?” …

Both kids were intelligent, smart and good looking and living with grandpa, but she was left alone one more time when her brother was adopted by her aunt and she left alone with her grand father. After some time brother got busy in his life and forgot her.

Then she told me that, she and Grandpa are living in next building from my house. But few people are not happy with her in society they are pointing fingers at her intentions as she is beautiful and bold, they say that she distract our boys and involved in some adult stuff with them, I was shocked to hear those allegations as i found her cute and innocent.

The same evening, when my husband returned from office, he asked me about the girl sitting in living room, i narrated him the story in bits n pieces told by her, he always believe and trust me so he didn’t ask further . I always wanted a daughter as my first child, but m blessed with a cute son instead, so after meeting her i thought that God heard my prayers and sent her to me. I called my mom that m gonna adopt a girl and narrated the story to her too. My mom knew that m too emotional and kind hearten , so she tried to explain her point of view but i didn’t pay much attention to her.

Then I sent her home that evening and asked to visit me next day with Grandpa.

Next evening she returned along with an old man in his late 70’s, long white beard on pale and wrinkled face, wearing pant shirt and introduced himself as her Grandpa. I felt pity after seeing him with so much responsibility on his bowed shoulders . I told him about my wish of adopting his Grand daughter. He stood in front of me with folded hands. He said you can’t adopt her on papers as I am still answerable to her mother and other relatives, though they don’t give a damn about our poor condition but still everyone shall start accusing me for this decision.

Explication:- From very next day she started staying with me for whole day and used to go at her own home only to sleep in night. I too was enjoying her company and my son started loving her like her own sister. I started feeling more happy and joyous in her presence. We used to practice yoga and Zumba together in morning hours, we started cooking her favorite food together. She used to call me MUMMA. I loved her more than my own son because she was a girl and i started sharing my life with her. we cried and laughed together, we slept together hugging each other.

I gave my hundred percent to keep her happy. I helped her in studies, she used to wear my dresses by altering them in trendy way and i love to see her happy around me. I tried to fulfilled all her wishes and needs like food, clothes, education and most importantly family and love. we used to share everything . sometimes i overlooked my own son just to keep her happy.

I never asked anyone for monetary help in my whole life, but i helped her grandpa financially by lending money from my friends for electricity , phone, grocery bills for them . I was doing all this just to see her happy .


Intermission:- May’2018

As I was new in the city and not in contact with many people from neighborhood and society. But i grabbed everyone’s attention as soon as they have seen me with that girl, i used to be the topic of gossip those days in the park and acupressure tracks in society between males and female. Some ladies from my neighborhood approached me one day when she was not around and they told me some shocking facts. They reveled that lots of people tried to help her before me but she won’t understand as she is out of control . She will use your emotions and money and leave you when you’ll try to change her. I didn’t believe them though and mocked them with my words ” She is my daughter , don’t you dare to talk like this in-front of me about her character, What if you didn’t try to change her or help her with love. How can i trust you?? I challenge you i’ll change her and prove that you are wrong about her.” I said .

Happy Phase :-June’2018

Everything was going smooth, i noticed some changes in her, she was taking interest in studies, she used to help me in my work during my classes as i m a teacher. we used to go shopping and movie together . She started wearing clothes of my choice.

One day we planned an outing with my friends. We were sitting in a restaurant, a boy arrived at our table. She introduced the boy as her boyfriend and he joined us. i didn’t over react because she told me once about her relation with the boy. Boy was humble, kind, sweet and mature , so i didn’t stop her for meeting him ever.

story unfolds:- July’2018 (Bubble bursting)

An afternoon she left home by saying that she is going to meet her boyfriend and i was sitting on the sofa , just then my Phone flashed and i got a call from unknown number and it was her boyfriend and he asked me about her ??? I was shocked though but replied him that she left 30 mins back to meet you. He said no way, i m in my college , we didn’t plan to meet today.

Unsaid truths:- When she came back that day , I asked her about that how’s her day ?? She didn’t tell me truth . Then i told her about the call and she said sorry. She said that my boyfriend is too possessive and i want to live my life freely . I don’t like him because he stop me from meeting my friends who are boys , so i secretly meet them. Somewhere , this incident created a doubt in my mind and I called her boyfriend and asked about her as they were in relationship from last 2 years. Then i came to know that she was telling me self cooked storied everyday to hide her truth.He started crying over phone and told me that she cheated him many times but i love her so much that i can’t leave her. I was speechless after hearing all this.

I was fulfilling all her needs as mother and that boy was too much in love with her but she was not happy because she always wanted to live a different life than normal. She was too influenced with Bollywood life. She wanted to hangout with rich brats in expensive cars or you can say she was doing all this behind my back and breaking my trust with every lie .

Confrontation:- I confronted her one day, and asked her to tell truth or leave my home because i was feeling used and cheated. She broke my heart and trust both. Everyone was laughing on me because they warned me and i mocked them . She let me down.

She left my house and she dumped the boy too.

One day, I was missing her badly so i called , she was in police station because she has stolen someone’s phone. I checked my house after the call and i realized that am the biggest fool on this earth because she theft from my house too. I went her home and found my JBL flip 3 speaker and lot more stuff like earphones on a table which she stolen the last day while leaving my home. I slapped her harder and cried in front of her and asked WHY YOU DID THIS TO ME???? But she was sitting calm and composed in front of me like first day , no regret was there one her face. She was stone hearten and that was the last time i have seen her.

November’2018 :

The boy who loved her tried to save her but no use. I heard from neighbors that she started smoking , drinking and taking drugs. She used to go with different boys in different cars under influence of drugs and alcohol and they were playing with her body like a toy. Soon she entered in living hell called PROSTITUTION .

she dumped us, and thought to live her dream life. I still love her because she is my daughter . she made one stupid mistake and her life changed.

She had chosen instant pleasures over life long happiness.

Her Regret :- January ‘2019

I got a call from unknown number, She asked me to save her, I heard sobs from another side and she was crying .


I told my husband about the call and he asked me to choose between him and her, and he was right because he felt my pain and sufferings when she left , he was the only witness of my tears and damp pillows. He has seen my love and devotion towards her.

I shared this story with my friends, they says that its my fault to trust her . Is it so????

Trusting someone is crime these days?

Thanks readers for your valuable time .

Kindly , share your reviews in comments.

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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

15 replies

  1. feel so sad for that girl n u .. i think its not your fault we all are some way like emotional fools here … so we will easily conected to some one who have some emotional story kind of pain in their past life ..

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  2. Everyone has there own point of view you ,cannot change there life by explaining them. Only rites and love can stop them from taking wrong steps. And trust Is so never n ever break up so be ready for it in any kind of relationship. Trust to tutega kahi na kahi kuch apne log use firse bna lete hai, or kuch log kitne v galt ho hmesa dil k pass hi rhte h. Yahi dunia hai,jeena hai . 🙂

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  3. i also faced such situation by chosing to help one 10-11 year old girl, again within two months she shown her character whatever i heard from her second mother. but soon i realise and talked with her parents and i sent her back to live with their grand mother.

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  4. That was not your fault, by trusting someone is good, she ditched you, you were good on your own place. it just gave you some lessons.
    Just leave that girl to however she wants to live, maybe someday she’ll realize.
    You did good what mother should do.
    Just believe in KARMA


  5. That was not your fault, by trusting someone is good, she ditched you, you were good on your own place. it just gave you some lessons.
    Just leave that girl to however she wants to live, maybe someday she’ll realize.
    You did good what mother should do.
    Just believe in KARMA

    Liked by 1 person

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