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Mere words (I Love You) are not enough

Hey Readers,

Today I am here with a simple topic which plays crucial role in our relationships.


“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” 
― Sigmund Freud

What I believe is that Expression of love, expression of feelings and expression of care is very important to keep our relationships going.

In every relationship, be it love relationship, marriage, parent and kid relationship, brother and sister or friendship , Expression of love play an important part.

The day you’ll stop caring or expressing, that day your relationships starts moving slowly towards death.

FACT CHECK :- We human being have very indifferent approach towards life. We care for everything and everyone until we won’t get it and once we get it or the thing or person is ours , we stop caring and start focusing on others.

Like when we buy a new car, few days/months just after purchase we wash it daily, check fuel and oil etc. as per specification, we drive it safely .

We feel like crying when it gets first scratch on it and start abusing the person who is responsible for it. But what happens after one or two years of its purchase, we stop caring about the cleaning, servicing, maintenance etc.

But if you, ll think logically and practically that your car needs more care now than before because now it’s not that same new car , its efficiency is decreasing day by day as you are using it daily without even caring much about it’s maintenance.

Unfortunately, its not only in case of car or bike or other objects, our approach towards every relationship is same too.

When we get married or start a love relationship, we express our love flawlessly extreme. We care , pamper our partner a lot . We celebrate every single moment cheerfully. We give time and importance to each other. We nurture our relationship with expression of love, care, respect, space, time, and understanding.

Then as time passes, we stop caring about it, stop expressing our love towards partner because we start getting comfort ourselves with the lie that now it’s not required because it’s mine forever. But we forget that we need it more now because its forever yours and it’ll be till your grave if you’ll nurture your relationship with same love, and care. Hugs are more underrated in India , a warm hug daily, can change equation of every relationship .

Because we expect more and express less, sometimes that’s make other person feel worthless.

Few of you can argue or disagree about my thought because I know you’ll justify it by saying that priorities changes. Yes I agree, But your partner, your family and your relationship is always your first priority. You should change your way of expression instead of stop expressing. Your organization shall replace you on a blink of eye, if they’ll find someone more suitable than you, but for your family you are irreplaceable.

In some cases it happens that your partner too replace you with someone else , and you start blaming the other person and your partner, and express your anger and rage but if you’ll sit and think you’ll find out the actual reason behind it. Though its bit contradictory too, because exceptions do exists.

Widely, it has been observed that you express your love in words , by giving gifts or buying new stuff only and you think that you are doing your 100%, but whenever other person need your care, support ,understanding and trust , they find themselves alone and they can’t count on you in tough time. Mere words and materialistic is not expression of love. We need to support each other in crucial time. We need to trust other person when he or she trying something new, we should motivate each other to move forward. Mere intimacy can’t help in a relationship to grow.

On an event, at my Kid’s school, I observed that during parent orientation program , only 40% parents were present. And those 40% parents mainly were whose kids were in primary classes, There were dancing, singing, skating, swimming performances for students of all classes which were categorized as primary, secondary and higher secondary. Senior students performed really well , every performance of their was worth watching. And on the other side juniors were just trying hard and messed up as expected because of their age .

But at the time of prize distribution primary students were happier than the senior students, because parents of primary students were present their to clap for them and praise them , kids and parents both were happy by seeing each other happy. Twinkle in their eyes while running towards their parents was exquisite and parents were glad to see kids happy because of their little effort. Their parent’s mere presence made them happiest creature in the world though their performance was mess.

Everyone was praising seniors and they were excited too but their eyes were searching only for parents and their appreciation who didn’t come and their enthusiasm was somewhere lacking in front of juniors in the end .

So that day i learnt the lesson that mere your presence in their lit moment of achievement can give them happiness . That day i realized that our time is more important for our kid than those gadgets, toys and video games we purchase for them.

At teenage, we stop caring about our kid’s school activities, what new they are learning. We stop hugging and kissing , we stop asking how their day was, and what mam taught today because we think that they are grown up now. Whatever is their age, your relationship with your kid will be same, you can’t ignore this fact.In their growth years they need more attention and love because they are fighting with image issues, status symbols, bullying, and hormonal changes.

And i feel that it’s applicable in every relationship, as time passes we stop hugging each other, stop expressing and start assuming that everything is fine between us, without even thinking about what other person is feeling. Relationships are like saplings, if you will nurture them and water them they’ll grow unexpectedly and provide you shade and fruits with time. But if you’ll stop nurturing they’ll start wilting with time.

Think twice or more than twice before taking your relationships for granted.

Thank you very much for reading patiently.

Kindly share you reviews in comments.

Some things are hard to write about. , Sometimes you go to write it down, and either you over dramatize it, or underplay it, exaggerate the wrong parts or ignore the important ones. At any rate, you never write it quite the way you want to.”  But i tried my best to express my idea about EXPRESSION.

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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

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