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Heartbreak???? (DATE YOURSELF)

Heart is innocent but we blame it when someone hurt us. Why?

It’s not heart’s fault if you are hurt… It’s brain who is playing games with your faultless heart.

Heart’s job is to pump blood, that bloody brain has the master key behind every emotion, it play in two ways , one is conscious brain and one is sub conscious brain and when one side loses, we start blaming our heart without understanding brain’s politics behind it.

When we fall in love or get feelings for someone, we experience a rush of hormones to the brain — including Oxycontin, the “love hormone,” the “pleasure hormone” dopamine, and sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. … This influx of hormones plays a major role in those intense feelings of fluttery excitement, attraction and euphoria , but we thinks that its our heart which is feeling all these emotions , and as time passes our brain get adapt to all these rushes and we feel complete, and feel that we are in love. we get feelings like dancing, jumping, laughing without any reason, we smile when we see or hear their name, we save their pictures from social media to our phone.

We start imagining and visualizing the incidents which might not happen ever, person build a heap of expectations and false imaginations. Two people talk over phone for hours , we get goosebumps on mere hearing their name, and it’s only our brain which is responsible for all this, heart just get signal from brain and behave accordingly. Like when you feel their touch, a dose of dopamine start rushing from your brain and u feel a chilled shiver through your spine and your heart start beating fast than normal rate. So it is just a game of thoughts and feelings from brain.

And we start feeling this because of dopamine.

Heart break or shattered dreams:-

So when it comes to break up or we can say heart break, It’s actually our broken expectations. we start behaving like a drug addict who is not getting his dose as per his daily habits. We start behaving indifferent, weird, helpless, sad and alone.

We start feeling the pain exactly like physical pain, and we call it heartbreak, but that’s also the feeling that comes directly from our brain . Our unfulfilled expectations, our incomplete desires, our unsaid thoughts and our shattered dreams are the reason for this pain. Why we feel incomplete though God sent us here alone to live our life . Why we need other person to complete ourselves?

For physical pain we can visit to any hospital but the pain of break up is unbearable there is only doctor available to heal is our brain, which actually the reason behind this pain.


It’s not easy to handle break up or healing a broken heart. Just like a drug addict we too need a rehab. process for our brain, it can be our family, our friends, our we ourselves can heal our broken heart. It’s not easy though, but that’s all is the game of thoughts. Grieving is difficult. Be kind to yourself and understand that it will take some time. While moving through this stage, be curious about your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physical sensations .

No counselor can help you, till when your brain is not prepared for this process. When break up or heartbreak happens, we start behaving childish, helpless , victim or assailant sometimes.

Millions of negative, depressing, anxious, suicidal and mugger thoughts start rushing in our brain. Best way to cop up with this phase is not to react any of your thoughts and give some time to your brain to get used to this situation . Brain will work on it in same ways, the way it worked in the feeling of love , it will get adapt to it . Void left in your brain and heart start refilling with other kind of healing thoughts and process.

Allowing things to flow freely, without trying to control, stop, avoid, or manipulate them, will make them less powerful, loosens their grip on you, and gives you the confidence and skill you need to act in the face of them. Give yourself the chance to unleash your inner self the Good Witch and tell them, “You have no power here! GET LOST.” You should stay strong and positive and divert your brain and energy in some productive process. Healing is not easy but you should accept that it’s not impossible though. One most important thing to keep in mind is that ” YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND NOTHING IS IMPERISHABLE”.

healing a slow process, but won’t regret waiting.

Thank for reading.

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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

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  1. These days More Expectation More hurts
    The strong person is the only one who handle there situation by own during breakups, heartbreaks & depressions.
    Just settle down it & don’t live for others (expect Family & friends).
    Well said @myunsaidthoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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