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“Fake is the new Real”

Hi Readers,

FAKE :- Not fake anymore, it’s new real infact its more real than real.

These days we all are living our life in our imaginary, fake, illusion world instead of real world. It’s sad but you can’t save yourself from the trap called- SOCIAL STATUS. If you’ll try to show your real personality to people, you only will get judgements, hate and disappointment. Pretending, what people want to hear and see is only option we are left with.

We live for more likes, we smile to get comments, we post our achievements to get attention. Does it really matter that people we have never met should like us? Irony is that person who is sitting next to us get to know about our mood, feelings, failure, and our achievements, from a 5 inch screen in his hand. Why cant we share it personally?


Most important question these days is why it is important to be active on social media?

Try to find out the answer within you, you will get the perfect reply.

My observation is that, we are losing connection from real world because of this and getting involve on social media more and more everyday.

We ignore the most important person sitting next to us, to give and seek attention of an unknown person sitting thousand miles away.

We spend our maximum time on Watsapp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, you tube… just to utilize our free time, but we must check that if we are utilizing it positively or not. If we are doing something productive on social media then it’s justified to some extent, only when you are not ignoring your family and responsibilities .

But people who are using social media just to scroll feeds for hours without realizing that’s its an addiction are actually getting sick day by day. Getting likes, comments, and appreciation on pictures gives us instant pleasure but connecting with our real and loved ones can makes us feel more productive and fulfill our real needs as human being.

Approach :

Our approach towards life is turning hoax, our smiles and tears both are fake as per our convenience. We smile just to showoff sometimes by hiding our pain in heart because we know that no one will understand and the only reason again is that we don’t try to connect.

Yesterday morning when i entered the Gym , i have seen that there was rush at a corner, i reached there and teenage boy was bleeding from his toe. After asking from people around i got to know that the boy was trying to lift the weight more than his body weight , and his friends were shooting his video as he wanted to post it on Instagram. My heart started to sink and mind blown away to hear this incident.

At this age they should be more cautious about their studies as there are 10th board exams going to happen after few months, but just to grab attention and merely for likes and and comment or you can say that just to fake around, he got his toe bones broken.

Needs:- Emotions are overpowered by needs in this materialistic world. Today i was watching tv and a video shown of some hospital in Gujrat , where a patient admitted at 11:56 pm and next day he died at 10:30 pm (almost 23 hours). Patient’s relatives were crying and sobbing while doctors asked for the discharge papers and bill payments. After getting all paper work done, they went to deposit the amount to the hospital counter at 12:04, coz it’s more than 24 hours after they admitted the patient, hospital asked them to pay the amount charged for 2 days. I was shocked. The patient was suffering from cancer, his family lost a loved one and lots of money already spent on treatment and that 5 star hotel cum hospital has no humanity left. Just because they stayed there merely for 4 minutes after 12 , they charged for 2 days. Hospital staff were fighting with the dead patient’s relatives without showing any emotions and humanity left in them.

Doctors are not God anymore i felt instantly. They don’t charge for saving life, they are charging for 5 star facilities.

So basically everywhere people just live for money and materials love and emotions are vanished in every relation and profession.

People meet each other, become friends, exchange texts, meet secretly, fulfill physical and materialize needs, and forget each other as they never met.

Materialistic mentality: Pretty faces, few internet slangs , more followers on social media, more groups on watsapp, 1 million follower on TIK TOK are achievements.

The person who want to change the world with vision and positive attitude is no more required. People will call u mad if you’ll try to make them feel that emotions and relationships are more important. Relationships die slow death because we doesn’t demand LOVE , we demand i phone, i pad, jwellery, gifts and more materialistic things.

We can buy pizza for 1000 bucks just to flaunt our generosity in our friends, but we can’t pay school fee of a poor kid who can’t afford it.

Copulation is more important than how we feel about the person and if these feelings are real or fake. We are buying sex toys and importing sex dolls from china for instant pleasure and we are making ourselves fools with all this illusion because at last being human is all about emotions but we ignore the fact for our short term needs.

Irony is that, this world will understand it on doom’s day, when there will be no point of understanding left.

Think twice before using social media and and other platforms, that if you are using it to utilize your time or wasting your time. GIVE MORE TIME AND LOVE TO YOUR FAMILY THAN STRANGERS AND ONLINE CHARMERS.

Thanks .

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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

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  1. Hey, your blog is amazing. Truly..well said. We got lost on social media but the real joy exists with the time we spend with loved ones. And the doctors of today are not working as a professional, they think to earn more revenue from a business point of view and have gone crazy and do anything for it. Fraud and scam make this country more corrupt and we do nothing. I think it is the responsibility of parents not to let their children learn bad things. The future of the country will be bright.

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