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Incredible India (TABOO) Part – 1

Taboo:- a social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.

In India, we create taboos as per our convenience to prove ourselves right and others wrong. Our so called social and religious leaders create misunderstanding about our ancient rituals and astray people from reality.

We have unusual thought process about many issues which are necessary to discuss but we avoid them as soon as we hear the single word related to them. I get very frustrated when i want to talk about them but people either avoid the conversation or start passing judgement about my thoughts. So, i decided to write my views here.

  1. SEX EDUCATION:- All of us dream about a bright future of our kids, and we flaunt in front of them that we are very cool parents. But, as soon as we see any advertisement of condom on television while sitting with kids, silence spread around us ,our blood start getting colder and we feel a lump in our throat. We start to imprecate the channels that why they are showing this adult stuff on TV. Though , instead of cursing others , we should start behaving little mature , at least in front of our kids. Before they see all this on TV or internet and start getting curious about more and more we should teach them about their bodily changes in teenage, their hormonal changes, peer pressure and other possible out comes of that age. As parent if we’ll feel shy or timid about it, they will try to learn about it from other sources and those other sources can astray them from reality and later on we again start blaming society and modernization instead of questioning our parenting pattern. If we’ll sit with our kids to discuss about it in adolescence age, we can avoid 50 % of rape cases. Sex education should be part of our curriculum in schools. Think about it twice and try to share a friendly bond with your kids , so that you can help them in copping up with this transition phase of physical and psychological development . By practicing this you can contribute in developing a healthy society physically and psychologically. The more youth know about their bodies and their rights, the more comfortable they will be in making decisions that are right for them.
live- in relationships are better than marriages.

2. Live – in Relationships/ Love marriages:-

Live – in relationship or cohabitation is a subject of debate almost everywhere in India these days. Our problem is that we resist to change despite knowing the fact that change is the only option we are left with. It hurts our so called EGO or you can say reputation if we accept the change without arguing.

In a typical Indian middle class family, a girl completed her studies and her father started to search perfect groom for her. Finally , one day they found a suitable match on matrimonial site. Both families met each other and fixed the date of engagement. Boy and girl exchanged phone numbers and started talking to each other and after a month they got engaged but girl felt something suspicious about the boy. One afternoon, the girl was scrolling her Facebook feeds and her eyes stuck on a profile in Friend suggestions , the profile picture was as same as the boy whom she was about to getting married. She zoomed the picture and tried to send friend request but she was unable to do so. She took screen shot of the profile and searched from a friend’s account and she successfully added that boy on Facebook from her friend’s account and her mouth left wide open in shock and her eyes were burning red like fire after what she had seen on that account. The boy was already in relationship with another girl. In fact he was in live-in relationship with that girl and they both were in love. Now the girl’s family confronted the boy, boy confessed that yes i love someone else and my parents are not aware about it. he said that if they’ll get to know about it, they will kill both of us. I m marrying to your daughter because of them only. Though he apologized for his mistake and requested to Girl’s family not to tell anything about it to his parents.

Now, after this, can you please think seriously about the consequences?, –What if the girl would not have shown the courage of talking to her parents about what she found about the boy on Facebook?

And what if they would have been getting married without knowing the fact?

Whole life we give freedom to our kids to choose. They can choose their clothes, shoes, accessories, studies, career etc but when it comes to marriage we try to force our choices on them. Why???? They are our kids, we played our role of parents very well, we fulfilled all their needs and kept up all our responsibilities. Now our role is just to be with them, support them in their decisions, to see them happy and sometimes suffer due to wrong decisions. Our responsibility is to guide them but not to force them to marry the person of our choice.

I am not saying that in arrange marriage you’ll always get a wrong partner, but what is the harm if you get to know the person with whom you are getting married before marrying her or him.

Marriage is a legal and social union, the importance of which is increasingly becoming debatable in many young and modern minds. Couples now want to test their relationship and compatibility before tying the knot. While in some cases the financial burden of a marriage is too heavy to bear; in others, couples are often not sure about each other, and hence opt for a live-in relationship.

I am no one to judge that it’s good or bad to be in live – in relationship but i just want to share my views that it should be individual choice but not taboo.

We should respect each other’s decision despite judging who are challenging the odds or our so called culture.

Thanks for reading Guyz, I’ll see you soon in Taboo Part – 2 with two more topics. Till then, stay tuned.

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Much Love.

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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

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  1. You touched the serious issues of this generation, though I’m part of it. But things have to change. We see consequences regards to society. Like what society will think, how others gonna see etc etc..

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  2. It’s a serious issue of our society nd we need to change this mentality…And if we talk about stop judging others I don’t think so it is possible because logo ki fitrat hena comment krna😑

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