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My Books – My first love

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. …

Confession:- Yes I Love BOOKS

Hey folks, hope you are doing well🌸, Lets talk about my first love, I was never a reader , n was just average in studies too. Never i was fond of reading newspapers or magazines, Actually i used to think that but now when i try to revisit in the memory lane of my childhood, i can easily see myself reading the story page “madhurima” in Wednesday issue of newspaper sitting on a chair in the evening, after coming back home from school and solving word puzzles and crosswords on the other pages.

But after that , in school and college , syllabus books were so selfish that they never let me read anything other than them. Now i feel that why didn’t i started reading at that time.

Their is lot of difference between studying and reading.

Studying is understanding, learning and reading the concepts , which are given in your syllabus books as per guidelines, you have to read them weather you like them or not.

Reading is devotion, love , passion and hobby, you do it wholeheartedly. If you don’t like a book you can skip and you can choose another of your choice.

How I turned into a Reader :- In 2012, i went through a rough patch in my life, when i lost my first child in womb. We females are so emotional fool that the very first day when we get the two lines on pregnancy test strip, (+ve result), we start thinking about the child’s name, his /her dresses, we start visualizing kid in our arm and we are kissing and cuddling with them and they are calling us mom. So i started visualizing all this and even more than this when i got to know that I am pregnant.

After 7 weeks of pregnancy, doctor found out that it’s an missed abortion and she is unable to find the heartbeats of fetus . It was like my whole dream world shattered inside my womb and i was numb and cold for next few months. Me and my husband were alone in Ludhiana, So i used to live alone whole day at home and my negative thoughts and approach towards life was leading me into depression. I used to cry without any reason. I started feeling helpless, weak, useless, hopeless and depressed.

One day , my brother in law visited us and he was reading I too had a love story by Ravinder Singh. He asked me if i want to read? I had nothing much to do than feeling sad , so i thought of trying that. While reading that book i felt that i am living Khushi’s life (Female character ) in book and i was amazed to see the effect of reading though i finished the novel in just one day. That book, and that day changed my life 360 degrees.

True companion who never betray

I still remember that date 15th June’2012, from that day book started to take control of ,my life, thoughts and emotions. I started living my life in my stories and books and after sometime books became most important part of my life.

Possessive Me:- I am always being very possessive about everything and everyone belongs to me, but books are my weakness and top the list among those everything and everyone. Whenever i look at my bookshelf, it’s feel like they are talking to me, they share my happiness, my sorrows, my tensions. I treat them with love and care them like kids. Sometimes it happens that i don’t get time to read a single page , but i make sure that i touch them and feel them once a day.

Whenever someone enter my living room and look at my books on shelf, my heart just start beating faster and i feel anxious and numb. At times people ask to borrow my books, Maximum times i avoid what they are trying to say but i cant ignore every time due to some reasons , so i give few of them but i can’t explain how feel for next few days, till when i don’t get them back.

Once my husband asked me – What do you want as birthday gift?

I replied – New book shelf with 5 new books.

He was shocked and laughed while saying, are you crazy? Women ask for gold, diamond jewelry, clothes and accessories etc. Whenever i order a book from Amazon, i feel more alive. On visiting mall, my husband avoid the way towards crosswords book store , because he is aware that if she’ll enter the store, she won’t leave it before 1 hour.


How and why i love books : – People ask me many times that how someone can love books ? or why i read that much.

Books are my companion , they have seen my tears and felt my sorrows. They made me smile and shared my happiness. They filled the void which my unborn left in my womb and heart. Books changed me as a human being. They turned me into a better person. I practice gratitude and kindness in my life just because of reading books. They made me stronger, they insisted me to write and turned me into a writer. So i love my books and i can’t leave reading till my last beat.

Thanks for reading and share your experience how u turned into a reader or how books changed your life.

Please comment and subscribe.

Keep reading.

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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

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  1. Some sort of lines can relate to a everyone’s life. Like it’s a fact happend in their life’s. So whatever you written till yet on your blog are very good & i respect you for this.
    Nice words.

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  2. Our interest matters to do anything whatever it is. It’s really great to know about you and your connection with books. Books are the best friends, they never makes you feel alone. Keep reading and letting us know everything you read.

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