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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. …

When you are in search of true love, don’t expect a smooth road.

Hey beautiful souls,

Sorry i didn’t write much here in past few days, but now i m back and i hope you all are doing good in you lives.

I am here with a true story of 29 years old young lady , who is in search o f love even after five years of her marriage.

Happy Reading.

Jeeya was 3 years old when her aunt adopted her. Her aunt too had a daughter of same age named Kaavya ,though but she decided to adopt Jeeya, just to help her parents as they were not financially stable to raise three girls in these times, when education, upbringing, clothing, and maintaining standards, all demand lots of money. But at this early age, Jeeya needed just love from her parents which she will never be able to get again. She cried for few days as she was missing her parents but slowly she compromised with her fate.
As time passed, both girls started going to school, as they were of same age and in the same class, comparison started.
Jeeya was fair complexioned, cute, naughty, talkative and bright in studies.
On the other hand, Aunt’s daughter named Kavya was shy, introvert, brownish complexioned and average in studies.
In the evenings, her uncle used to teach both the girls, as Jeeya was intelligent, he keep on praising her and criticizing his own daughter. These things did not go well with her Aunt and she started to get jealous of her and due to jealousy, she tried to get her to engage in household chores ,so that she can stop Jeeya from studying but Jeeya was gifted by God, she helped her aunt happily in her work and also focused on her studies. Her uncle too started to get influenced by her aunt and stopped teaching her. Jeeya’s childhood was loveless as she was living between heartless people but she was girl with dreams and hope in her eyes.

She was just a kid, she was unaware of their intentions, so she never complained but somewhere deep inside in her heart started to feel this discrimination as she has grown up. She was so humble caring and loving towards everyone but none in that house was there to understand her.
Jeeya and Kaavya never hold any grudges though but her aunt used to point fingers on her now and then as she never wanted to see Jeeya ahead of her daughter. Slowly Kaavya, her only friend we can say too started to maintain distance from Jeeya.
Along with time, Jeeya started to get depressed and frustrated because she was ambitious and talented and they were trying to stop a bird from spreading her wings.
She lived with her aunt and uncle for 18 years but in those years she never found love for her, in their eyes at any stage, from childhood to adolescent and then young.
But truth is that it’s not easy to stop the water of a flowing river, Jeeya was like that flowing river so she was unstoppable too.

Great ambition is the passion of a great character .At the age of 18, she got a job in BPO and started to live in another city.
As she has been raised in an environment full of hatred towards her, she was easy to be a target of fake love relationships and it happened just after few months of joining her job. She fell in love with a handsome colleague, who betrayed her in just 3 months and broke her heart and hopes. She almost started believing that being loved is not in her destiny and God has forgot to write her love story because she never expected anything more in her relationship except love, but in all her relationships she got everything except love.

Meaning of love to her:-
For her, the meaning of love was not just saying “I Love You” every day, spending money on each other, sleeping together, having intimacy or living together. Instead of all this she just wanted little care and time. She was craving for those eyes, which get a spark just to see her. She needed a man to celebrate her presence in his life instead of tolerating her after fulfilling his physical needs.

She searched for that true love for 5 years but unable to find and felt hopeless.
One day, her aunt and uncle told her that they found a suitable guy to get married to her. Her dreams started to shattered one by one after hearing this as she had some other plans for her career.
She asked if Kaavya too is getting married. They explained that No, Kaavya is still a kid (1 month younger than Jeeya) and she is pursuing her MBA. Jeeya understood that she is just a liability for them and they want to get rid of her as soon as possible. As they adopted her, it was their responsibility to bear all expenses of marriage, that’s why they wanted to do this as soon as possible. She cried with her hands folded and asked them for one more year as she was also pursuing MBA from an open university but again they tied her wings with the strings of marriage and snatched her freedom.
While she was thinking about life after marriage, she imagined that her life partner will love her the way she always wanted and finally she’ ll be able to get happiness genuinely after so many years of struggle.

Return of the Saturn:-
She got married to a guy who was totally opposite of her. He was shy, introvert, pessimist and least expressive. And her mother in law was worse than her aunt. Again here she became hopeless because marriage was the only dead-end, from where her life could take a u-turn but now she was broken in real sense.

She started to get depressed and anxious as this family was worse than the family she used to live in. They judged her every move and word. They stopped her from wearing her choice of clothes. They asked for every single penny from her salary. She asked her husband to support her but he said that my parents are God, u should follow what they order.
She used to go office after finishing all household work and in the evening too, all the responsibilities she had to carry on her weaken shoulders.
She did every possible thing to get love from that family but they were heartless. She used to give surprises on everyone’s birthday and other occasions. She fulfills all their wishes while keeping her pain hide in her heart and smile on her face. She tried hard to get love or can say beg love but nothing worked.

One day, while she was going to her manager’s office to submit a report, her feet stopped at the door of the conference room and eyes hold a gaze inside the room from the transparent glass door as sunflower gaze towards the sun in the morning after waiting so long for the sun rays.
A handsome young man, height around 5.10 feet, well-trimmed beard, slim and toned physique, wearing a perfectly fitted black suit with a white shirt along with black and white striped tie.

He was addressing a few people in the conference room and showing some data and statistics on the projector screen.
Jeeya was standing still like a Madame Tussaud’s statue and suddenly she noticed that, he also looked at her just for a second while explaining something and after a minute he again looked at her and stopped speaking to see a beautiful lady in her mid 20’s , height almost 5.6 feet, lean and fair , wearing pink salwar kameez with green dupatta ,holding papers in her hand gazing towards him from another side of the door.
He started walking towards the door and suddenly Jeeya realized that what she is doing and bubble of her illusion burst. She gestured sorry from another side before he could reach the door , Jeeya walked away.
His name is Abhishek, and he joined us as a marketing manager yesterday, her boss told Jeeya on asking about the new guy in the conference room. Don’t know why but Jeeya was getting goosebumps while talking about him. Was it love at first sight?
That night she could not sleep properly and was thinking about him.

The next morning, there was something different happening with her. She was in a hurry to reach the office, so she dressed beautifully and reached the office with brisk in her walk.
Upon entering the accounts department she noticed Abhishek, sitting next to the manager. They both greeted and introduced each other with a smile and shook hands. Jeeya felt a chill through her spine and a lump in her throat while his hand was in her’s.
Slowly, Abhishek and Jeeya became friends and then started talking for hours on Phone and in office hours too.
One day, Jeeya had an argument with her husband and told her every truth about marriage to Abhishek. As Jeeya was heartbroken and Abhishek consoled her. She got confused between sympathy and love and she proposed him a few days after the incident.
Abhishek didn’t say No when she said “I LOVE YOU” to him though he was not feeling anything for her but enjoying the attention and closeness of a girl.
As we can’t hide the truth for a long time, Jeeya realized that Abhishek is faking his feelings and she was unable to find love in his eyes. And again she left heartbroken and this time even more pieces than before. She lost all hopes of being loved by someone the way she likes. But she was stubborn and never stopped trying.

My Observation after talking to many married women is that they feel the same in their marriages. They don’t feel loved or wanted. They feel like being a maid in their own house. That’s why they start searching love outside their marriages.
I know the case is the same in the male community too.
If you love someone you can see that in their eyes. But in most arranged marriages and even in some love marriages too, people feel unwanted or useless after a few years or once they have children. Male being busy in earning money and female being busy in raising kids, they forget their own identity, their existence.

Redirecting to Jeeya:– She was an ambitious and stubborn girl and was in search of true love. As she was not getting love from her husband she started searching love outside her marriage and took some tough and silly decisions.
Every time she thought that this time i”ll definitely succeed in getting, what I want but every time she got confused between lust and love and felt cheated .
Now my question is – Is it ok to be in a relationship outside your marriage if you are not in love with your partner?
Some of you’ll agree and say yes but others will judge and give examples of character, ethics, religion loyalty and etc. etc. ..

My perception is that your existence on this earth means nothing if you are not happy or you can’t keep yourself happy.
How can you spread light if what you all have is only darkness in your own heart?
It’s okay and it’s your right to be happy. If you are not happy in any relationship, just walk away.
The girl who shared this story to me, I gave her advice to get happiness by doing things which makes her happy in her own way, till when she is not harming others.
She told me that she wanted to get divorced, but her family won’t let her do this because of the so-called image and respect issues in society.
If she tried her best to love her husband and being loved by him ,but when she didn’t get it, she got depressed and her life stopped at a point where she has nothing to hope about.
what’s her fault if she is not getting love and she is searching for it.

Why Talking about women’s desires is still a taboo?

She said she’ll keep searching for her happiness and love because in the end either she ‘ll find true love because love knows no boundaries of age, marriage, or situations or at least she won’t regret not trying to find love.

Thank you so much guys for reading patiently.

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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

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