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United by love, seperated by caste. (True Love Story)

United by love, seperated by caste is a true story of Rahul and Vinitha

In our country we don’t value emotions though we value what others will think about our emotions.

Year 2014:-

Rahul, a Tall , Handsome North Indian boy, sitting at his home and scrolling new feeds on Facebook. Suddenly, on screen , friend suggestions popped out and he sent friend request on the profile of a girl. For next two days he kept on waiting to get that friend request accepted. Finally, on 3rd day she accepted Rahul’s friend request , but Rahul was not quite happy to see that there was not a single picture on that profile, so Rahul never messaged to that profile.

After class 10th , Rahul Changed his division and , and there a girl in class , who was monitor of that division , which caught Rahul’s attention. But surprisingly , one day Rahul came to know that the class monitor is the same girl who is friend with him on Facebook and her name is Vinitha, a beautiful girl with blonde hairs.

One evening, Rahul collected all his strength and sent hiiii on Facebook to Vinitha.

He waited for reply anxiously and soon with a beep sound his happiness got doubled . From that day , they became friends and started chatting daily.

July’2014:- As time passed , they started meeting daily and the day came in their life which they never wanted to forget and I know Rahul still is unable to forget, as he told me about this date just now.

On 27th July 2014 , Vinitha proposed Rahul on Watsapp… Social medis made things so easy that sometimes it feels good when someone doesn’t have to wait till next meeting to express their feelings. Rahul was on cloud nine, as he was in love with her but never had guts to propose her.

July 2014 To April 2019:– They dated for 5 years , they were too much in love that in those five years they had just one problem that was CASTE.

CASTE?:- They both wanted to marry each other but Vinitha’s parents were too rigid and against Love marriage and specially the inter – cast one.

Rahul tried to convince Vinitha’s mother, he met her sister too and explained them that how much they both love each other.

Vinitha used to tell Rahul that Her father and uncles won’t agree for their marriage , they will never accept this relationship . But somewhere deep inside their was ray of hope that if Rahul’ll be financially stable ,she’ll try to convince her parents.

Vinitha’s mother told Rahul to buy a new house and to be financially stable, may be she can convince her father to marry their daughter to a guy with whom Vinitha’s future is secure. Rahul agreed with all the conditions but Caste was the queen, which ruled the ego of Vinitha’s parents.

They fought for their love as you all know that struggle is real when you are in inter- cast relationship and parents are against marriage.

April 2019: One night , Vinitha messaged Rahul ,” Rahul please never leave me, and don’t forget me ever. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Rahul replied to her message but Vinitha left that message unseen.

Next Morning, Rahul tried to call Vinitha but her number was switched off. He tried to reach her via Phone calls, messages , friends and even he went to her house in search of his love , but he couldn’t find her anywhere. House was locked and their neighbors informed Rahul that Vinitha and her family moved to Village. Rahul reminded their past conversation in which Vinitha told him that her parents are searching a suitable match fir her of the same caste and they’ll force her to marry him. Rahul had no hope, motivation, positivity in life as they were madly in love with each other and at last she left him alone with lots of questions.

This is true story Rahul shared with me , But i bet, you all know that its not only their story , this is story of maximum youngsters in our country. Due to sick mentality of people who judge people on the basis of basis of cast creed , religion and color, many youngsters commit suicide and some live unhappy lives with someone else other than their loved ones.

Indian parents always say that they love their children but their whole life they don’t understand that true love blooms in freedom.

When our kids are young, we ask them to choose their toys , their shoes, their clothes but when it comes to choose life long happiness as their life partner, barrier of cast comes and stand between happiness of kids and parents pride.

When a mother gives birth to a child, she gets a second life and her world revolve around her kids. Fathers too always love and support their kids , but how could those loving parents can kill their own kid only because he or she wants to live happily with someone of other caste. IS THAT WHAT WE CALL ETERNAL LOVE ???


We need to change this mentality to keep our future generation stress free.

Think about the steps we can follow to change this mentality .

Rahul is confused though, if he should wait for Vinitha or move on. Write you suggestions in comment box.

Thanks for reading .

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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

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