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Love – It’s all about needs

Meaning of Love is changing everyday. It’s replaced by needs.

Love – a beautiful word with millions of emotions and infinite meaning.
Love is everywhere if we try to see it, but problem is that we always search it at wrong places or in wrong person or at wrong time.

What I observed that everyone is heartbroken or sad due to lost love and reason is same that with time, love vanished somewhere in relationship… No, i don’t agree, what i feel is that we are becoming more selfish… We don’t try to fill the differences, we don’t try to resolve the issues and we are not ready to compromise, but instead we always search for alternatives… Think and 🎭 Act

Our approach towards life is getting hoax, neither smiles nor tears, are surreal.

My heart starts sinking, when i see that pretty faces get more attention than the person whose vision is clear.

We ignore the facts like, feelings are the core though copulation is transient.

Egotism dominates in such a way, where needs are prime, emotions are insubstantial.


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An ambitious woman with vision. i wanna see this earth full of happiness and love all around which is about to vanished from this world. trying to restore happiness by spreading my thoughts and views with people and by talking to more and more people about this.

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