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Hey beautiful souls, “Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.” This time i don’t have any anecdote to share , but am with this truth to share or you can say i urge you to hear screams of your own soul, which desires for […]

Keeping secrets in marriage/relationship

Hey readers, I am back with another tale about relationships and stumbling block.“Sometimes we keep secrets in our relationship, because we don’t want to hurt our partner, But what should we do when he/she get to know about that and feel cheated and hurt because we kept secret from them????????” […]

you should say ‘NO’

Dear Readers, Its my first blog post and i m starting it the most negative word ‘NO’ Today i want to talk about something very important, that is word ‘NO’. ‘NO’ word is more sounds like negative, but this only word can make your life beautiful, can change whole direction […]